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A member of the team must check-in, or register their team, no later than Friday, July 26th, 2024 at The Fulton Convention Center

(Paws and Taws) in Fulton, Texas between 5:00-8:00 PM.  A prize will be drawn at the close of the Captain's Meeting.    

Must be present to win.

Tournament Rules

  • Adult Team: Up to 4 people MAXIMUM per boat and may include Youth (16 & under).

  • Youth Team: Up to 4 Youth (16 & under) MAXIMUM per boat. May be accompanied by 2 non- fishing adults, Ineligible for side pots.

  • All rules will be governed by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Regulations.

  • Only registered participants will be allowed to fish the tournament.

  • Fishing can start at 6:30 AM on Saturday, July 27th, 2024. Weigh-in will begin at 2:00 PM and end at 4:00 PM (CST).  The weigh-in will be at the Fulton Convention Center (Paws and Taws).  You must be in line by 4:00 PM (CST), not in the water.  FISH BROUGHT IN AFTER 4:00 PM (CST) WILL BE INELIGIBLE.  All fish to be weighed in, must be of legal size.  A Texas Game Warden will be present at the weigh-in.

  • Awards will be presented for the following categories:   

    • Men, Women and Youth (16 & under)

      • Heaviest Speckled Trout ( 17" - 20"- No Trout over 20” will be Judged)

      • Heaviest Red Drum (20" - 25"- No Oversized Redfish will be Judged)

      • Heaviest Black Drum (14" - 20")

      • Heaviest Flounder 15" - 21")

      • Heaviest Stringer - Stringer to be a Total of the following:​

        • One Stinger Per Team allowed

          • (1) Red Drum (20" - 25" )

          • (1) Speckled Trout (17" - 20" -No Trout over 20” may be weighed in)

          • (1) Black Drum (14" - 20")

          • (1) Flounder   (15" - 21"),

  • This year we will have other pots to enter

    • Heavy Stringer

      • $150.00 per Boat (all pots have to be paid for during Captains Meeting on Friday night to be eligible to win)

      • Will pay out the top 5 spots for Heavy Stringer

    • Spot Pot​

      • $40.00 Cash (all pots have to be paid for during Captains Meeting on Friday night to be eligible to win)

      • Pays 2 spots. 

      • Your spot pot red fish does not have to be part of your stinger, but it must be 20" - 25" in length​

    • Closet Trout to  ???without going over (Size drawn at Capitains Meeting)

      • $40.00 Cash (all pots have to be paid for during Captains Meeting on Friday night to be eligible to win)​

      • Size will be drawn during Captains Meeting on Friday night.

  • All decisions are made by the Tournament Committee.  ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

  • Weigh Master will disqualify any fish that is deemed illegal, not fresh or may have been tampered with.

  • Winners to be determined by TOTAL WEIGHT.  In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by drawing.

  • Your entry fee automatically includes you in all fishing contests. (Heavy Trout, Heavy Red Drum, & Heavy Stringer). Total Prize Purse of $2,500.00. Guided and Unguided are combined for the pay-out. 

  • Contestants may only win in one category.


  • Your team must decide which fish to weigh-in prior to approaching the Weigh Master.

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